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If you’re looking for some new wheels, you’ve definitely found the right Nissan webpage. If what you’re looking for in a Odessa, TX auto dealer is commitment, expertise, friendliness and great prices then we’re the company for you. We take our job very seriously and are passionate about the many four wheeled beauties that make their way onto our showroom floor. We understand that you’re looking for a vehicle that is reliable, affordable and able to perform like a real dream machine. We also understand that choosing a car is not a decision you’re bound to take lightly, nor should it be a decision that is rushed.

At West Texas Nissan we’ll be able to offer you the inside information you need to make the right choice and, when needed, we’ll offer you our expert advice. Your choice should depend on the kind of performance you want from a car and some questions to ponder include:

  • How many passengers (on average) are in your car every day?
  • How far do you drive on a weekly basis?
  • Does the terrain you encounter require any special adjustments?
  • Does your time spend more time in the garage than on the road or vice versa?
  • Are you looking for something speedy or something more like a work horse?
  • What is your price limit?

Unlike many other Odessa, TX dealerships, we’re here to HELP you not HINDER you in your decision making process. We’ll offer you the knowledge, tips and tricks required to make a savvy choice.

We also know that you want the kind of car that you can truly be proud of. Our Odessa, TX auto offerings, whether new or pre-owned, are always in top shape. You’ll be able to drive off the showroom floor and into your neighborhood feeling proud... and you should be. We believe that you deserve your dream car and, if you want to, you should be able to show off as much as you like.


When you’re looking to buy a Nissan in Texas, you should consider us as your first choice. Our commitment stretches way past the initial sale. We aim to build long lasting relationships with each of our clients by offering them a Odessa, TX auto service shop as well. We take great care to keep each of our customers’ vehicles in the best possible shape with our high quality maintenance service program.

We truly are the Odessa, TX Nissan dealer that cares most.


If you would like to contact this Texas Nissan dealership, please feel free to give us a call at (800) 679-1720 or by filling in our simple online contact form.

Trust West Texas Nissan to provide you with the best, most amazing Nissan in Texas at the best possible price.

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